Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why eloping and small weddings are somtimes the best option

Hello! My first post in this blog! Having been involved with nearly all aspects of the wedding business for many years, one thing I've found that I really love doing is officiating elopements and small weddings.
Why would someone elope or have a very intimate small wedding? Many reasons come to mind, among those are budget, time, romance!, and also a no frills way to get legally connected to the one you love either just by yourself or with your CLOSEST friends and family present.
Big weddings can cost thousands of dollars and for some couples this isn't practical. Some have been married before or just don't want all the drama and stress a big wedding can create.
Savannah is the perfect place to elope or have a small destination wedding. There isn't a place where the area isn't filled with beauty and gorgeous natural backdrops perfect for photos and walking around sightseeing with those closest to you.
The ceremony performed for this couple above on Tybee Island was intimate and really allowed for them to connect in a more personal way. Then they had great photo time with +Lizard Eye Photo afterwards for some great photo time before going off into the sunset, literally, together as a married couple!
Hopefully +Elizabeth Osterberger and I can help show everyone why THIS is the place to come to get married or elope!
With +Elope to Savannah and +Married in Savannah you can't go wrong!


  1. I agree....small weddings are wonderful. So much less stress!